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Use CarShield Repair Advisory Service and Save on Repair and Maintenance
Goodbye to car repair ripoffs! With CarShield, you don't need to know anything about cars to make sure your repair shop is being fair and reasonable. Uncover issues, discover solutions, and expose repair costs.

We are all experts in something, but cannot be experts in all things. If you wish you had help when your vehicle needed repair to make sure you are not wasting money by overpaying or doing unnecessary part replacements, call CarShield.

Help! My car's Check Engine light is on! What do I do?
Don't panic! It's your car's way of telling you there's a problem that might just be a loose gas cap, but could be more serious and costly. Even if your car is driving OK, the problem won't go away and could get worse. To minimize further damage to your vehicle, diagnose the problem ASAP. CarShield offers everything you need to diagnose check engine problems yourself and see what repairs should cost, so you're in control of your car repairs.

CarShield uses the same sophisticated technology your mechanic uses, but is designed for everyone to use.

  • Save by eliminating the need for the diagnostic step needed when you take your car to a repair shop.
  • Save by having a trained technician available when you take your car for repair, a CarShield certified technician will talk to your repair shop and make sure that the repair cost is contained and is optimum for the needed repair.
  • Save money by knowing the cost of the parts needed to fix your vehicle.
  • Save time by making sure that the needed parts are ready before going to the repair shop.

Our certified technician will make sure that your repair shop is ready to handle the repair needs of your car. Ask a CarShield certified technician for a recommended repair shop in your area. if you are a CarShield customer simply call 1-800-411-2227

MILReal Time Diagnostics: Receive a call from a CarShield certified technician when a vehicle malfunction is detected. The technician will describe the problem, the severity and the recommended action.  

This service also monitors your vehicles battery and sends an alert when the vehicles battery is low or decaying. It also monitors the coolant temperature while the car is being driven, and sends an alert if the engine overheats so that damage to the car can be prevented.

CarShield Repair Advisory Service  is available 24 / 7 to assist you in determining what is the problem with your car and what parts it may need, and what the typical repair cost should be, so that that chances of you being ripped off by a repair shop is eliminated.

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