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Emergency Save Lives : accident detection and emergency response coordination. yes yes yes
Real Time Diagnostics: Savings receive a call from a CarShield certified technician when check engine light comes on and a vehicle malfunction is detected. The technician will describe the problem, the severity and the recommended action. yes yes yes
Battery monitoring: Never return to a dead car battery again. CarShield’s real time car battery monitoring detects and notifies you if your vehicle battery has an abnormal voltage. Eliminating the need for roadside assistance and allowing problems to be rectified immediately as they arise. yes yes yes
Overheat monitoring: CarShield’s real time engine overheat monitoring detects and notifies you if your vehicle is overheating. allowing problems to be rectified immediately as they arise. yes yes yes
Geofence: A geofence zone is a virtual boundary around any location. When a vehicle enters, leaves or exceed a preset speed limit of an active zone you will receive a geofence zone violation notification via email and/or SMS. CarShield will automatically monitor the vehicles location while it is running. yes yes yes
Excessive Speed: Receive a speed notification via Email and/or SMS if the vehicle exceeds a preset speed limit. Speed selection is in increments of 5 mph. Minimum speed is 20 mph. Maximum speed is 95 mph Select number of alerts per trip (engine ON/OFF) Turn On or OFF excessive speed alert via web or mobile phone yes yes yes
Locate: GPS tracking helps you Locate your vehicle and view the current speed and heading 24/7 via the web or mobile phone. yes yes yes
Continuous Tracking: Continuously track your vehicles current location, speed and heading and receive automatic location updates (update based on distance traveled) in real time 24/7 via the web. Maps the vehicles current and previous location points (bread crumb) in real time. Requires customer login. GPS Tracking intervals of 10 minutes. yes yes yes
Unauthorized Movement: Protect your vehicle while it is parked. UA movement establishes a virtual boundary of 300 meters around the vehicle when ON. If the vehicle exceeds (towed) the boundary you will receive an unauthorized movement alert via Email and/or SMS with the vehicles current location, date, time, speed and heading. yes yes yes
Valet Mode: Eliminate valet attendants from joy riding. Valet mode establishes a virtual boundary of 100 meters around the vehicle and monitors the vehicles speed (speed limit configurable when ON. If the vehicle exceeds the boundary or speed you will receive a valet alert via Email and/or SMS with the vehicles current location, date, time, speed and heading. yes yes yes
Tamper Alert: Receive a Tamper alert via Email and/or SMS if CarShield is removed or disconnected. yes yes yes
Trip Log: Save Gas The Trip Log is an easy to use service designed for business or personal travelers who want to maintain records of their trips, be it a short one-day trip or an extended trip lasting many days. Miles, fuel costs, and other expenses incurred can be recorded with ease. A Trip Report can be generated with just the click of a mouse. The informative Trip Report includes a history of all your trips – there is no limit to the number of trips you can record. yes yes yes
Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Savings In the event a customer's vehicle is reported stolen (and a stolen vehicle report has been filed with the appropriate police department), the response center can provide assistance to the police in an attempt to recover the vehicle   yes yes
DealerSync: receive critical diagnostic information and monthly maintenance reports from CarShield equipped vehicles   yes yes
Remote Door Lock/Unlock: Enables locking or unlocking vehicle doors via a toll-free number, owner's website, or mobile phone application.     yes
Remote Vehicle Start: Enables customers to start the vehicle via owner's website or toll-free number, or mobile phone application. (additional Hardware may be requiered)     yes
Starter Disable/Enable: So that the vehicle is disabled from running until Starter is enabled, via toll-free number, website or mobile phone application.     yes
Alarm Trigger: Notifies customers when and where the vehicle alarm is activated via a text message, email or an automated phone call.     yes

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